Solai dam burst its banks on 10/05/2018 and by the morning of the next day, at least 48 people had been confirmed dead. It is rumoured that Nakuru county officials had visited Patel farm that housed the dam severally to warn them about the same. The dam had been built in the 1980s and had no means of channeling excess water. Water has the capacity to carry away a huge ship in the sea so you can imagine the destitution felt by the Subukia residents in Nakuru county.

 How did we get there? In my career in wastewater management, I have witnessed buildings being swept away by floods. In another situation, I witnessed a building in Kiambu that had submerged in water. Why do people build homes on river sources or where river find ways? If you intend to build a house why should you build it on water pathways?

 On dealing with wastewater never take shortcuts because when it becomes an issue in the future, you will not be in a position to live in that house. As always at Tonito we do it better, differently and reasonably. Reach out to us on 0728849209/0789515100