Did you know the history of biodigester companies in kenya

It seems that in Kenya, the septic tank as an onsite sanitation system is being overtaken by events. With the entrance of the biodigester and people upholding its use as an alternative waste water management system.

It is true that there is an influx of biodigester supliers in Kenya. In 2013, we were marketing a product that not very many people knew about (I was employed by the pioneer biodigester company at that time) In mid-2013, competing suppliers opened shop. By the end of 2013, we were being overwhelmed by competition we were getting. in 2014, most of the competition was trying to poach us- sales people- with promises of a better package
, Their systems were failing and they wanted to hire professionals. By mid of 2014, only 3 competitors remained since the venture was not as profitable as expected.
The other day a client was telling me that there are so many of us that the bubble is about to burst and we should reconsider our pricing.
But not that easily. Most of these people selling similar products are not our competitors. Why? There are few people that engage in solving wastewater challenges that Kenyans are facing. Apart from active online presence, what active projects are they undertaking? Without any fear of contradiction, I will name my competitors. Those that keep us as Tonito suppliers in check ie Riflo, bio doctor and tricom concepts


biodigester companies in kenya

the journey of biodigesters in kenya