Why should you buy Tonito Suppliers products?

Prospective customers always ask us this question every day. At times am like, “write us that check already.” But I know better than everyone, that it does not work that way. Since I don’t always know my prospects personally, I will just highlight why people choose to buy from Tonito suppliers and not anywhere else:

1. At Tonito, we always put in place provisions that enable our customers to help themselves out in cases of a crisis without necessarily having to call us.

2. We understand that there is not a single solution that solves all sewer challenges that our customers face,so we use our experiences to customize solutions to suit that specific situation.

3. We use customer experience feedback with our products to improve our services.

4. Our five years warranty is binding.First year we followup to know the functioning of our products,the rest is free after sales services.Free means that no cost incurred by customer.Warranty is signed and stamped by us.

3. Our team has qualified technicians in the plumbing/drainage field for consultation.

4. We are not hasty to install our products in circumstances  they cannot perform unless a customer is ready to go the extra mile to provide a conducive environment ie in rocky and clay soils that cant soak water.

5. Since many of our customers are ever interested in green energy.We have invested in training our team in the installation of bio-gas plants,green houses, and secondary water purification.

6. We invest heavily on research and training to enable us solve waste water challenges trends and to improve our service delivery.

7. We are a one-stop shop for wastewater challenges that Kenyans are facing and if we don’t have it as yet, we know of a person currently solving it.

Otherwise, we have people who have chosen not to buy from us simply because:

a)They refused to separate soapy water from toilet water.

b)Some feel that raising drainage levels is unnecessary whereas, to us for a system to function it has to be above the flooding level of a place.

c)We differed on the location of installing a system and because of inadequate space, we chose to forego the job.

As always at Tonito we do it better differently and reasonably.

Feel free to reach out to us on 0728849209/0786515100