Onsite sewer systems(bio-digesters)

Say no to exhausters/honey suckers

  • Unlike the septic tanks, our system does not need exhausting. This because the organic matter in human waste is completely biodegraded/acted upon by bacteria to become solidness soakable water. This residue water percolates to the ground and combines with the groundwater.

If an elephant after death decomposes and the remainder is bones, what about human waste which is largely water?

When a dog dies, nothing eats the dog, when it decomposes, the residual is keratin and bones, however, the ground will be wet meaning that a product of biodegradation/decomposition is solidness water.

  • Installation of on-site Sanitation Systems is done by trained installers. These are people trained specifically for installation purpose.

  • Our written guarantee covers a period of  7 years. Most products warranty covers a maximum of one year period. We have extended the period through which we own our product against any manufacturing defects.

  • Our system is our odorless. It doesn’t smell because it is air tight and water tight; it is not a conservancy therefore not rotting.

  • Approved by NEMA and recommended by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. The water is rich in nitrogen  In case you opt to use it for irrigation, overhead irrigation is the best. This is because most of the leafy plants are consumed directly. (Phosphorous)

  • Our system is not a mechanical system. It doesn’t use electricity and every process in it is natural. This does not require maintenance.

  • Our system, unlike the septic tank, is flexible on the positioning. Most septic tanks are placed near the entrance due to the convenience of exhausting. The position of the system is dictated by the minimum pipe distance.

    Our BESS system is cheaper than the septic tanks.